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Local Adventures: Cabin John Regional Park

So, I do know it’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted something here, so I do apologize for that — but, you’ll be happy to know that during the lack of posts, photos have been taken.

Work has prevented me from processing many of the shots I’ve taken, but I’ve finally made time to tackle it. Not only this, but I also have upgraded both gear and tools for photo processing.

I’ve been doing a bit more portraiture work lately, but rest assured, the natural world still has and will forever have my heart.

One of the last excursions led me to Cabin John in Montgomery County. This is a pretty vast park (for someone from the city like myself) and it’s actually quite sad that not many people take advantage of the trails offered by the park. The section I spent time in has a gorgeous tree that sits behind rows of benches where events are held every once in a while. There’s even a small creek that runs near it — truly a perfect spot o meditate on the beauty that is nature.

So…enough of my ramblings, on to the photos.

I’m posting a few of the sights that struck with me that day. If I can remember correctly, I managed to sneak this trip in during a lunch break — ok, maybe a little extended lunch break — and I’m happy I had the opportunity to capture the feeling of the moment.



Local Adventures: Brookside Gardens, Spring 2013

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been to Brookside — actually, it’s probably been more over a year — and I thought it would be nice to head on up there to play around.

The day was perfect, both in terms of weather and in the lack of a crowd. I don’t necessarily avoid places with crowds, but sometimes, I find myself becoming shutter shy when I see too many folks. It’s not that I’m shy of taking photographs around people, it’s just that I don’t want to get in their way of enjoying the same things that I am enjoying. Funny, right?! This day was so perfect, I actually fell asleep under a tree for a while!

But, anyhow…I spent a considerable amount of time here — being entertained by nature. I wanted to try something different this round too; photographing things from their point of view or even that of something smaller. These were mostly done with flowers and I need to work on my technique a little bit more. The focusing is what seems to be the most difficult; there many many many blooper shots.

With all that being said, enjoy the shots and thanks for stopping by.


Local Adventures: Great Falls – Spring 2013

A couple of days ago, I decided to celebrate the completion of the semester by heading out to one of my well liked spots; Great Falls — on the Maryland side — is a place I like to visit often (especially during the work week) because so few people show up there during the autumn, winter, and spring seasons. Because of the lack of too much foot traffic, one doesn’t feel as if you need to be in a hurry to get out of people’s way, you get the opportunity to enjoy the small things — as well as the big things — that nature has to offer here.

Walking around, it isn’t an uncommon sight to come across a heron, snake, deer, beaver, etc., after all, you are in their home. The challenge I encounter when coming into contact with the fauna of the place is that as much as I want to photograph them, I don’t want to cause them to become agitated or fearful of people. After all, the last thing I want is a heron coming after me for getting to close (I’ve had too many encounters with the devil birds many call, mocking birds, and am therefore scarred for life).

There were quite a few more photographs taken this day, but I wanted to show you the ones that I hope convey at least some of the feelings I experienced seeing the composition in my head.