The Return of the Eye: First Shots with a Canon R

Yes! I know…it’s been quite some time since I posted to the photoblog, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about it or that I’ve not taken photos. Since the last time I uploaded some shots to a post, I have been out and about with the camera, but it’s been under a bit more limited outings. Without boring you too much, I have been forced to stay away from too much heat and the sun and that eats away at time I spend outside — especially in the warmer months. During the cooler seasons, I have been able to be out more, but not everyone/everything likes the cool air as much as I do so that limits my photography ideas. But I’ve managed to create some things I hope to share later on.

During the time I have been away from posts, though, I did decide to jump at going mirrorless and here you’ll see some shots I played with while getting used to this new system.

So, without further delay, here are some first shots with the Canon R.

  • A stone staircase leading from the ground towrads the top of a hill, with headstones visible on the right side of the photo along with shrubs, the sun in the upper mid to left side, and a tree to the left, about halfway up. With many other trees in the background.
  • A lone grave stone in the middle of a dark space, with a wall behind it.
  • A retaining wall viewed from the bottom angle towrads up, with the sun shinning right on the edge of the wall from mid point to the right side of th photo, which is covered in vines, and a tree peering over the wall on the far left.
  • A bee sitting on a flowering plant on the far right side viewed from eye level.
  • A wooden path that leads to a bench with a tall tree to the left of the bench. The bench overlooks a body of water that is very low and to the left of the image, there is a field of tall grasses.
  • Decaying log with mushrooms growing from it, sitting in the midground, with grass and flowering plants in the foreground, and water in the far background.
  • Three pigeons, sitting in a triangular pattern, with two in the foreground and one in the background.
  • Photograph of a grasshoper sitting vertically on a branch with leaves on the left side of the photo.

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