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Thought: Seeing the (reflected) light…

Once upon a time – who knows for what reason – I came to the conclusion that reflections in a photograph were evil things. Before I went over to digital, my main purpose in composing an image was to avoid, at all costs, reflections from light hitting glass, water, metal…you name it. This train of thought persisted for quite a while actually, until I realized just how much a reflection can add, not hinder or annoy, a photograph.

Take the photographs below as examples.

Without reflections in both of these, I really don’t think they would be as visually effective as in their actual form. In my opinion, they add something that brings out their beauty even more – a sort of aura – that would otherwise make it just another ho-hum image.

Of course, I think there definitely needs to be a balance in the use of reflections in photographs, but since I’ve yet to come across a subject that requires this balance to be used, I don’t know what the threshold separating tasteful and tacky is. I just hope that I can distinguish it when the time comes.

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