Local Adventures: Riley’s Lock, No. 24.

So a couple of days ago, I decided that a continued resetting of myself was needed and jumped into the car with a general idea of where I wanted to end up. This lead me to an area on the Potomac directly south of Poolesville, Maryland.

I’ve wanted to visit this area along the banks of the Potomac for a while now, but for some reason, I just never got around to it. I knew there was a partially destroyed bridge, an old lock house (this sits on the C&O Canal), and the remnants of a mill.

The day was cloudy at first and aside from some cyclists who had taken up rest in the area, I was pretty much alone. I parked a couple of dozen feet away from the actual park (don’t ask me why I did this, I guess it’s me trying to walk after sitting in the car for a while) and headed up onto the bridge. The sun was stated to crack through the clouds, so before this triggered another storm (it had been raining the day before and showers were expected for this day as well), I headed onto the path.

Now, in order to get to the mill, I needed to know where to go in the first place. I had seen images on Bing! maps that showed the outline of the mill from above, so I knew more or less in what location I could get off the path to get to this place. Nevertheless, after walking for a bit, I realized that I had passed the point I needed to veer into the forest. It having rained the day before didn’t help because the muddiness made the half worn path blend in better with its surroundings. Once I got my bearings straight, I headed towards the mill. Perhaps it was the excitement or even the darkness created by the heavy foliage, but at first, I actually missed the mill. Upon getting closer into the brush, I realized it wasn’t something that was exactly small to miss. Before me, stood this entrance that was made of what seemed to be sandstone – well, the entire building was made out of it. I wandered in and about and had to be careful for there was a slit right down the middle of the building which I’m guessing was for wheels of some type; falling down into the space was a very real issue as the rocks were slippery and my lack of familiarity with the area played to my disadvantage. Spending a couple of minutes at this place, I decided I had gotten what I wanted and decided to take a hike – literally! (Oh, and the mosquitoes sort of pushed me out of the area.) And off I went.

Click-click-click…walk…click-click-click…stop, look, listen…walk…

Two and a half miles later, with twelve pounds of gear on me and many more photos later, I made it to my original place. It was a nice short excursion out into the wilds of Maryland that gave me the opportunity to both unwind and create some photos which I hope you take a look at. As for my next adventure…well, we’ll just have to wait and see where I end up.

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