Thought: Art Within Art

I always get a weird feeling when it comes to capturing something that is in itself, a work of art. There’s definitely the not-wanting-to-pass-it-off-as-my-art feeling that I usually have to get over, but then, I realize that when I photograph art, I do so as a way of documenting how I see it.

But see, I figure this is equally true when photographing nature. That which caught my eye, that which made me do a double take, that which stopped me right in my tracks, it’s that moment that I try to capture. Hopefully, that’s what the end result of my compositions are – the moment where one stops to analyze with reason and instead uses – for lack of a better word – soul.

And that’s what I hope I’ve done here.

All of these bonsai trees can be seen at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. It’s an awesome place that I highly recommend and they have nice little tube donation canisters by the pavilion (HINT HINT).