Local Adventures: Refocusing on a Passion

If you’ve read the last few posts, you most likely know that my professional career-life has interfered a lot with my photography. I refuse to call it just a hobby, because for some reason, it seems a bit disrespectful to do so. But, in the spirit of the word “hobby,” I reached a point the other day where I felt disappointment at the fact that I wasn’t doing as much photography as I have in the past. Weeks, if not months, had gone by without me really using the camera.

And that was sad.

One day, one a weekend that I actually had ONE day off, I decided that no matter how tired I was, I WAS going to go out and rediscover the joy photography brought to me.

The odd thing is that at first, I felt a bit lost. Not in terms of using the camera but lost in the sense that I didn’t know what exactly — or better yet — HOW exactly I wanted to capture something. The structure was there, in my head, but I just couldn’t translate that into the real world.

So, I just wandered around — a bit confused — but refused to do anything until I felt something. YES, I know…it sounds all meta-pseudo-psychogibberish, but believe it or not, it wasn’t until I felt that click that I felt like I could capture what I was seeing.

Sure enough, this happened right as I needed to get back to a planned commitment, so sadly, I didn’t capture much, but it was enough to hit that reset button in me and keep photography right in my sight.

And boy, do I feel glad that ember is now back to a roaring fire. 🙂