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Local Adventures: Finding the Eye Again

As a continuation to the last post…

After not using my camera for a while, I felt a bit lost in how to see things. Better yet, it wasn’t that I couldn’t see things, it’s just that I couldn’t capture what I was seeing the way I wanted to. When I had more time, I could just pick up the camera, go out into the world, and cram the card with photos. I didn’t feel like I could do so with that same ease — and that was kind of unnerving.

Instead of fighting with myself, I decided to tell myself to shut up and let the moment tell me when it was right to push the shutter button. The following images are a result of this excursion.

Like I said in my previous post from two days ago or so, I’m really trying to reclaim the “Me Time” which I have grown accustomed too. I came to the realization that in order to be successful at everything, one has to strike a balance — at least that’s what I got from a wonderful co-worker. 🙂