Local Adventures: Pursuing the Dream

Sometimes, I find myself not knowing what to do or where to go in terms of photography. Often, I find that is a sorry excuse I say to myself because I do DO know where to go and what to do.

Case in point — a visit to the Oak Hill Cemetery in NW D.C. Many folks like to associate death with bad and cemeteries in particular as places of nothing but sadness. I like to see them a bit differently…a place where we have the opportunity to meditate on our own mortality and how we or others deal with it.

This cemetery is a nice jewel is bordered by Rock Creek, Montrose Park, and private properties. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, it’s a must visit.

The folks there are always open to hearing what you have to say.

Joel, from Urban Atrocities, joined me on this little expedition through the crowds of people at Oak Hill. Took a couple of detours once we were out, but these are the photos that I want you to see. Give his page view — he promises to update it with newer posts only if folks check his stuff out. So…RUN, don’t walk to it — with your browser, of course.