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Local Adventures: Out and About on an Unplanned Day

Lately, I’ve been getting back into some sort of photographic grind.

There have been occasions where I haul my camera around, snap photos, and just leave them on the card. The other day, I decided to finally moves these RAW files and work on them and that’s what I hope to do — well, to finalize them and put them on here.

I really miss my super flexible schedule that I once had — to be able to just get up and go wherever the car would take me and just experience the moment, but through the eye of the camera.

Every year, I try to go to the Washington Auto Show here in the city. On the last day of the show — which happened to fall on Super Bowl Sunday — I decided to just do something different before the game and drove around and around. Not really knowing what I wanted to see, I went to the L’Enfant Promenade and the surrounding area. There wasn’t much time, but I wanted — I needed — to take photos. I think the ones I captured in this brief time helped me achieve what I wanted.

Anyhow…enough talk for now. Here are some shots.