The Inner Spartan: Jen of See JHO Run

It always amazes me to see someone who decides that they have had enough of something and take initiative to change that. It’s inspiring to see the work and dedication needed to get to that end result — not necessarily gliding to it, but, never giving in or up when things don’t go as planned.

A few months ago, a friend of yours truly approached me with the idea of documenting this transformation from one existence into another — Jen. Jen went from the moderate lifestyle to one of intensity to reach milestones she had set in her mind and the time was approaching to see, or better yet, to show all, that work.

Anyhow, we met up on an island here in the city that I had in mind for such a shoot (we had discussed this earlier and I had decided that this was the place for such a shoot) — the island is both beautiful and rough, tamed, yet wild, in a familiar location, yet far away. To me, this was a great analogy to what had happened to Jen — the unveiling of something different from what everyone knew of. My ever soul-sucking demanding work schedule required me to start this shoot at a later time, but I decided to take advantage of this and use the setting sun as a great source of light to convey what both Jen and I knew was the purpose of this shoot. So, off we went into parts of the island that is off the beaten path and boy did we manage to make this metamorphosis evident.

We’re discussing doing another shoot, now that the weather is getting better in the D.C. area, and who knows…maybe you’ll be a co-witness to that on this blog too — as a friend, I’m truly happy to have shared in Jen’s unveiling — both in physical form and spirit — to everyone else.

Jen was kind enough to allow me to share some of these photos with you all. Please, feel free to follow Jen on her adventures on her blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter.


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