Photographs, Thoughts

Coming to Life

I am always amazed by how real things like sculptures and statues are. The fact that a person took the time to capture another person, usually with amazing accuracy, is a testament to how we as human beings want to preserve forever. Well…that is pretty much the original idea that an artist probably has. Time has a different opinion on this and we see it in action when it comes to things that are outside in the elements. Yet, even then, these objects that are a capture of another, manage to evolve into an ever deeper object. Like the flesh and bone originator, time allows these facsimiles to — for lack of a better word — live.

Back when I was shooting with the XT and was just starting to dabble with digital, I captured quite a few of these non-living representations of once living beings. Juxtaposing with the surroundings, I always wanted to give it a chance to tell whatever story it wanted to tell — one that is usually already known, but nevertheless, I wanted it to be told by that which I photographed.

Below are a couple of these shots. Taken back in the 2007-2010 time frame, I would like to say that I hope I have been able to share their story with you successfully.