Local Adventures: A Display of Democracy

A few years ago, a movement began here in the United States — it came to be known as the Tea Part Movement — which sought to overhaul the role of government in the lives of people. Well, at least that’s my take on it. I am by no means a political expert, but, I did happen to be around for one of those first rallies in Washington, D.C. I can tell you that it was actually interesting — mostly because I was clearly out of place there and just as I was looking upon this rally as a curiosity, so was I being looked at in the same light.

If I can recall correctly, another rally was being held this very day, but I didn’t manage to capture any of that because this Tea Party rally was just so…different for me.

I’m somewhat careful when it comes to people’s identity in photographs. I know that all of these photos were taken in the public space, but sometimes, people do things away from others on their own time and perhaps family/friends/co-workers, don’t really know that side of them — so that would explain why if you notice, almost all of the photos don’t really have people you can easily identify. I think it adds to the mysteriousness that politics can be from one moment to another.

I had originally posted these images on one of the iterations of this photoblog, but I had to scrap that when I migrated from one service to another — really glad that I’m somewhat good when it comes to back-ups.

So, please, feel free to look around and let me know if I should include a bit more background information on certain photos. Use the comments section for each photo if you have something to contribute.