Winter’s Last Gasps, 2014/2015

If you find yourself anywhere from the Mid-Atlantic to New England, you know this winter has been a fun one. With New England getting enough snow to make it look like Antarctica, I think it’s definitely safe to say that everyone is happy to have received spring yesterday.

The only problem…spring came to everyone in this area with snow — yes…SNOW!

So, in an homage to the last big snowfall, which happened about two weeks ago, here are some photographs from my journey back home from work. I need to figure out a better way of taking photos in the water derived elements. I’m still cleaning my camera body as it’s covered with snow residue. Shooting in snow/rain is always fun because I have this fear that water will get into the body, but I don’t feel like wrapping the body up in a plastic sleeve — which I do have.

I caught some other interesting images on my Instagram account, so feel free to check them out there. Because I’m still trying to figure out how to add the feed to this photoblog in a visually nice way, you’re not seeing it here. But follow that link above and you’ll get to it.