The Return of the Eye: First Shots with a Canon R

Yes! I know…it’s been quite some time since I posted to the photoblog, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about it or that I’ve not taken photos. Since the last time I uploaded some shots to a post, I have been out and about with the camera, but it’s been under a bit more limited outings. Without boring you too much, I have been forced to stay away from too much heat and the sun and that eats away at time I spend outside — especially in the warmer months. During the cooler seasons, I have been able to be out more, but not everyone/everything likes the cool air as much as I do so that limits my photography ideas. But I’ve managed to create some things I hope to share later on.

During the time I have been away from posts, though, I did decide to jump at going mirrorless and here you’ll see some shots I played with while getting used to this new system.

So, without further delay, here are some first shots with the Canon R.