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Thought: Black and White Photography Through a Colored Eye; Local Adventure: Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

One of the most mind-rattling things in photography for me has always been black and white photography — but not for the conversion part (which is a skill I am always working on). The thing that I feel makes it a challenge for is in making sure I keep what interested me in the first place and making sure that the same feel is kept and experienced by viewer, without the need for me to walk them through it, after post-processing.

The other day, I made my way to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens out in Vienna, Virginia…I had spotted this place out of the corner of my eye a day I had been driving the scenic way home. I could not for the life of me figure out what I had seen weeks later and was not even sure where exactly I saw it, but a kind soul at Hitchcock Paper Co. was sure it was this little gem west of the city. She was so right that I would enjoy this spot!

There is a small fee to get in, but it is totally worth it — many, if not all of the plants there — are native to the Potomac River Valley. The winding paths, under trees, through shrubbery, asphalted or not, you could not stumble upon such a great spot and not want to not leave.

As soon as I arrived and took the first shot, I had already told myself that I wanted all the photographs from the day to be in black and white. You know, we are all used to seeing plants and flowers in color — we oooh and aaah at the patterns and the intensity of blooms, so I wanted to see if I could elicit the same admiration of nature from a non-chromatic state.

And that is how I processed these photos. So, here is to hoping you see what I saw, but if you do not, that works too. Enjoy! 🙂