Local Adventures: Mason Neck State Park

For a few years now, I have wanted to explore Mason Neck State Park, but for some odd reason, never made it there even when I had been visiting sights a few minutes north of it. So we hop into the car and head on out, with so much excitement inside me. You would swear it was as if we were going to Disneyland or something — folks…it did not disappoint.

Situated on the Potomac River, the visitors section of the park sits on Belmont Bay, fed by the Occoquan River. The park, in all its pure natural beauty, has plenty of amenities that makes it feel as if you are hanging out in someones riverfront property. Plenty of seating scattered throughout the trails, perfectly maintained lounging spaces (large and small), and even the rental of waterboarding gear — you do get your worth from the small entrance fee (per car).

You will see tons of wildlife, both on land, in air, and in the water, and you are sure to run into something right on a trail itself. The park facilitates the fauna of the area too by even having nesting boxes for the birds, which you can easily spot little chicks (from afar) as they call out for their parents when hungry.

We only explored one trails and kept towards the bay and river, but you can count on me going back to this wonderful little oasis of the unspoiled natural world.